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The idea was born out of a taste for the countryside, out of love for nature, since I was always looking to share and be part of it.


The area has to offer beautiful landscapes and above all feel the contact with nature in a remnant of the native forest of the area.


For this reason I decided to create a camping area to show that there is how to carry out various activities in nature in a fun, safe way, in addition to caring for and protecting nature, showing its beauty and promoting its care.


It is wonderful to spend the day with friends and family in the native nature of the sector.


Papallacta has a unique charm since you can take walks through the moors or the Cayambe - Coca and Antisana reserves, you can also go to hot springs, observe the flora and fauna of the area or simply enjoy being present in nature.


In addition, we work with the community and encourage nature conservation through photography and camping.



María José Granda M.



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